Jeroen Wals




Age: 47


Summary: Dutch vice president and chief technology officer of Sleep & Respiratory Care at the national medical supply management company Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, Inc. since 2012 who had contributed enormously to the integration of Respironics in Philips Healthcare after he returned to work in the Healthcare domain of the global corporate research organization Philips Research in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 2008 to establish and manage the global research program for Home Healthcare as well as for Mother & Child Care and Ambient Healing Environments, and who had also made a significant contribution to the Personal Computer applications of the Recordable CD and later with a Red and Write DVD during his successful career with Philips that spanned 18 years.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a plane crash


Born: March 8, 1967


Died: July 17, 2014


Location: Hrabove, Ukraine