Hunter Ruthven




Age: 6


Summary: grandson of retired Snohomish County, Washington sheriff's sergeant Tom Pszonka who was among one of more than 176 people reported missing and presumed dead in a March 2014 mudslide when a massive mile-wide swath of mud and debris from a portion of an unstable hillside known as the "Hazel Landslide" had plunged through nearly 50 riverside homes and onto the nearby State Route 530 main highway from above the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River and onto the adjacent river valley across northwest Washington state's rural Snohomish County unincorporated neighborhood, in which the mudflow was caused by a suspected soil saturation from heavy rainfall and became the deadliest single landslide event in United States history excluding landslides caused by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or dam collapses.



Cause of Death: Killed in a mudslide


Born: July 29, 2007


Died: March 22, 2014


Location: Oso, Washington