Emanuel Riva




Age: 54


Summary: Israeli retired economist and analyst for the government agency Nativ that played a covert role in fostering Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union who was among one of three known fatalities shot and killed during a horrific shooting incident at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in the center of the country's capital when an unidentified gunman had reportedly arrived at the museum by car and walked inside with an automatic assault rifle, then opened fire in the vicinity and also critically wounded a 25-year-old Belgian employee before fleeing the scene on foot and was partially captured by security cameras as the crime became the result of a hike in anti-Semitism in Europe, in which the attack occurred the day before Belgian federal, regional, and European elections and is being investigated as terrorism by Belgian authorities after a nationwide manhunt was launched for the suspected gunman.



Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds


Born: 1960


Died: May 24, 2014


Location: Brussels, Belgium