Eddie Nash



Age: 85


Summary: Palestinian-born Los Angeles nightclub owner, restaurateur and convicted drug dealer who was most notorious for his alleged involvement in the quadruple Wonderland Murders in 1981 as the possible retaliation for a robbery of Nash's home perpetrated two days earlier by three to five men (a key player in the incident, adult film performer John C. Holmes, was later acquitted of the murders), who was tried again for the murders after being arrested in 2000 for charges that included racketeering, money laundering, and tampering of the witness from 1990, who pled guilty for some of the charges including conspiracy of the Four on the Floor Murders in return for a lesser sentence and was ordered to 36 months in prison, but was released early for health reasons, and who was believed to have planned the murders that were committed by three of his henchmen, but who never admitted to ordering the deaths of the Wonderland Gang.



Cause of Death: Unspecified causes


Born: April 3, 1929


Died: August 9, 2014


Location: Los Angeles, California