Christopher Keith O'Neal


Age: 57

Summary: former defecting member of the People's Temple agricultural colony led by religious cult leader Rev. Jim Jones who was among the few survivors who escaped death in the Jonestown massacre that killed more than 900 followers on Nov. 18, 1978 during a murderous shootout and mass suicide at Jones' outpost in the Guyana jungle while he was trying to defect from Jonestown along with two families in the company of Congressman Leo Ryan and his delegation at the Port Kaituma airstrip after visiting the People's Temple commune, who had helped identified several of the Jonestown bodies and also appeared in many documentaries about the massacre but was reportedly suffering from depression and night terrors due to his experience from the incident decades ago.

Cause of Death: Shot to death during a police confrontation

Born: 1957

Died: November 9, 2014

Ukiah, California