Bob Orrison




Age: 86


Summary: legendary Hollywood stunt performer who served as a movie stunt double for war hero and actor Audie Murphy and did many stunt work in John Wayne movies such as The Undefeated and Chisum, who also had scores of film credits on such stunt-filled projects as The Wild Bunch, Rambo III, Days of Thunder, Die Hard 2, Smokey And The Bandit and its first sequel The Dukes of Hazards (as the primary stunt driver of General Lee car), and was even at the wheel of the Big Blue Bus that leaped an elevated span of the then-uncompleted 105 Freeway in the movie scene from Speed.



Cause of Death: Car accident


Born: July 28, 1928


Died: October 11, 2014


Location: Rancho Cordova, California