Allen Blackthorne


Age: 59

Texas millionaire and wealthy businessman who made his fortune selling medical equipment that stimulates muscles, but who was convicted and given two life sentences for paying a hired gunman to commit a notorious 1997 murder-for-hire plot of his ex-wife Sheila Bellush at her Sarasota, Florida home in the presense of her quadruplet toddlers whose case made Tampa Bay headlines for more than three years after prosecutors said he had used a private investigator to track down Bellush after she moved from Texas and offered up to $54,000 to have her killed with a bonus if he regained custody of his two daughters who had been adopted by Bellush's second husband after a string of custody battles in the years following their divorce in 1989.

Cause of Death: Natural causes

Born: June 5, 1955

Died: November 18, 2014

Terre Haute, Indiana