Tonya Weindorf



Age: 51


Summary: longtime member of the Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana who was among one of only three known fatalities involved in a deadly motor-vehicle accident when a church-owned chartered bus carrying at least 37 passengers (mostly teenage congregation members and chaperones) returning home to Indiana from a weeklong trip at a northern Michigan youth camp had apparently sped down an exit ramp off the USS Indianapolis Memorial Highway and slammed into a concrete median before overturning just a mile from the church and injured over a dozen others aboard, in which the bus driver and fellow church member identified as 68-year-old Dennis Mauer told authorities that the brakes failed before the vehicle struck a raised concrete median and flipped on its side when the accident occurred.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a bus accident


Born: August 28, 1961


Died: July 27, 2013


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana