Sereena Gollnow



Age: 18


Summary: honors student at Marion High School in Wisconsin who had been involved in a fiery four-vehicle trailer-tractor collision with country music star Kellie Pickler's drummer Gregg Lohman (who is listed in serious condition) when a sport-utility vehicle she was riding in was reportedly rear-ended by a semi-truck in the northbound lanes at a busy expressway and killed her adoptive parents James and Barbara Gollnow and their two foster children 10-year-old Gabriel Zuniga-DeBaere and 8-year-old Soledad Smith in at least two separate car accidents that happened within minutes at the same spot in central Kentucky's Interstate 65 highway as the family were returning home from a vacation in Florida at the time, in which a trucking company involved in the horrific pileup crash had accumulated at least 17 traffic violations within over two years before the fatal accident occurred.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a car accident


Born: October 1, 1994


Died: March 2, 2013


Location: Elizabethtown, Kentucky