Paul Morgan



Age: 46


Summary: British Gulf War veteran and chief security expert of the Cheshire-based private security firm Stirling Group who was reportedly among one of more than five British hostages held captive at the remote Algerian gas facility Tigantourine for several days by at least 32 heavily-armed al-Qaeda-linked terrorists under the command of notorious militia leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar as the militants demanded an end to French military operations against Islamists in northern Mali before the Algerian special forces raided the oilfield compound in an effort to free hostages, in which it became one of many terrorist attacks in the Maghreb region carried out by Islamist groups since 2002.



Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds sustained in a gunfire during a hostage crisis


Born: circa 1966


Died: January 16, 2013


Location: In Amenas, Algeria