Mihail Bucur



Age: 40


Summary: Romanian civil engineer for the multinational engineer recruiting company Roevin Technical People Ltd. who had been hospitalized in extremely critical condition from massive internal injuries and multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body and limbs suffered in a violent artillery raid combined with gunfire and explosion between at least 32 heavily-armed Islamic terrorists and Algerian special forces during a three-day hostage crisis under the command of notorious militia leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar at the remote Algerian gas facility earlier Tigantourine this week, in which at least 39 foreign hostages have been reportedly killed in the siege, but more than 100 out of the 132 employees had either escaped or been set free by their captors becoming one of many terrorist attacks in the Maghreb region carried out by Islamist groups since 2002.



Cause of Death: Multiple organ trauma sustained in a military raid during a hostage crisis


Born: circa 1972


Died: January 20, 2013


Location: Algiers, Algeria