Ali Syed



Age: 20


Summary: part-time college student and suspected mass murderer who had been accused in the shooting death of 20-year-old paid escort Courtney Aoki following a brief confrontation inside his bedroom at his parent's upscale southern California home before drove a stolen pick-up truck at several early morning roadways and shot dead two motorists identified as 69-year-old business owner Melvin Lee Edwards and 26-year-old construction worker Jeremy Lewis while driving from at least three separate interchange freeways near a Mobil gas station and a electronics store parking lot for unknown reasons during an apparent random carjacking murder-suicide shooting spree across Orange County, Calif. neighborhoods that spanned about 25 miles apart.



Cause of Death: Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound


Born: June 6, 1992


Died: February 19, 2013


Location: Orange, California