Ali Ismail Korkmaz


Age: 19

Turkish activist and college student in English teaching at Anadolu University who had been reportedly hospitalized in critical condition but remained in a coma for more than five weeks with a severe brain injury suffered on June 2, 2013 after being attacked and severely beaten by a group of plainclothes men that eyewitnesses allegedly included undercover police during the Gezi Park anti-government protests in the central Anatolian city of Eskisehir, Turkey while he was trying to escape from a police intervention with gas bombs, in which the unrest flared when police attacked a peaceful sit-in against plans to redevelop a central Istanbul park but grew into nationwide protests that saw 2.5+ million take to the streets.

Cause of Death: Cerebral hemorrhage caused by head trauma during the attack

Born: March 18, 1994

Died: July 10, 2013

Eskisehir, Turkey