Sigrid Schjetne



Age: 16


Summary: Norwegian schoolgirl and cousin of 2011 Utoya mass shooting victim Fredrik Lund Schjetne who was reported missing last month when she was last seen walking on her way home from a friend's house in the streets of a suburban Oslo neighborhood during the late hours since August 4, 2012 and whose disappearance caused a media sensation as well as causing shock and disbelief in Norway at the time, in which investigators believed that a possible connection between the girl's disappearance and an unidentified serial sex-offender had been linked to at least two unsolved sex-related murder cases nearby the vicinity where the young woman vanished had led to speculations that a serial killer had begun killing again after a 25-year hiatus.


Cause of Death: Homicide by bludgeoning



Born: July 6, 1996


Died: August 2012 (Body found on September 4, 2012)


Location: Oslo, Norway