Martha Ryce




Age: 35


Summary: one-time publicist and senior broadcast coordinator at the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia who dedicated her life to advocate for missing children after the infamous 1995 abduction, rape and murder of her 9-year-old brother Jimmy Ryce at the hands of convicted child killer Juan Carlos Chavez (who is still on Death Row awaiting appeals), but who had also appeared on the family's behalf for Florida Missing Children's Day and later helped the U.S. Department of Justice make a video and informational booklet designed at helping siblings of abducted children cope with the tragedies, in which the 1998 Jimmy Ryce Act allows the state to indefinitely detain violent sexual predators who have finished their sentences under civil law until they can prove they are rehabilitated.



Cause of Death: Suicide


Born: March 15, 1977


Died: December 30, 2012


Location: Atlanta, Georgia