Laura Vilkman



Age: 18


Summary: student at the Hyria Vocational Institute in southern Finland who was reportedly among one of only two persons shot and killed in an apparently random shooting spree that occurred on May 26, 2012 when a gunman wearing camouflage clothing opened fire from a low rooftop on a group of people gathered outside a restaurant in the center of Hyvinkaa, Finland and seriously wounded seven other people including a female police officer who responded to the emergency call before the suspect was arrested with two weapons including a hunting rifle, in which the incident follows a series of shooting sprees in Finland in recent years and comes less than a year after right-wing gunman Anders Breivik killed 77 people in a rampage in neighbouring Norway, but the suspected gunman identified as 18-year-old Eero Samuli Hiltunen had no criminal background and was believed to have acted alone.



Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds


Born: September 23, 1993


Died: May 26, 2012


Location: Hyvinkaa, Finland