Bill Purifoy


Age: 76

Summary: longtime pastor of Three Brothers Community Church in Mountain Home, Arkansas who was part of a wave of early defectors to have survived the Jonestown massacre that killed more than 900 followers in Georgetown, Guyana during a Nov. 18, 1978 mass murder-suicide ritual led by religious cult leader Rev. Jim Jones after he had left with his wife Shirley Purifoy (d. 2006) and 13 other relatives on New Year's Day 1976 while he was working as a contractor when he joined the People's Temple commune with his entire family, where he did a lot of the construction and renovation at the San Francisco Temple in the early 1970's, but who was also a minister when he joined and continued that occupation following his departure from the Temple.

Cause of Death: Not released

Born: August 25, 1936

Died: December 4, 2012

Mountain Home, Arkansas