Camille Dewailly



Age: 10


Summary: French schoolgirl and student at the Jeanne d'Arc Private School in northern France who was hospitalized in serious condition from severe injuries she received in the April 28 Marrakesh bombing that killed 15 people and wounded at least 21 others including seven French tourists when a suspected suicide bomber detonated a bomb packed with nails inside the popular Argana cafe on Djemma el-Fna Square in downtown Marrakesh Morocco's old quarter in the country's deadliest terrorist attack in eight years since 2003 when five simultaneous bombings in Casablanca killed more than 45 people, in which the attack was described by the Moroccan government as a terrorist act, but no one had immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing.



Cause of Death: Wounds suffered in the suicide bomb blast


Born: circa 2001


Died: April 29, 2011


Location: Marrakesh, Morocco