Azad Abdi Said



Age: 20


Summary: Somali college student who had been hospitalized in critical condition for less than a week from severe burns suffered up to 95 percent of his body in the October 4 Mogadishu suicide bombing incident that had resulted in the death of over 72 (and counting) people and also seriously wounded more than 100 others in the blast when a suicide bomber reportedly drove a dump truck carrying massive explosives through the main entrance of the Transitional Federal Government's ministerial building during a gathering with mostly students and parents awaiting news about scholarships to Sudan and Turkey at the time of the explosion, in which the notorious Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack and it became one of the country's deadliest act of terrorism since the insurgency in 2007.



Cause of Death: Multiple organ failure


Born: 1991?


Died: October 7, 2011


Location: Ankara, Turkey