Anatoli Makeychik


Age: 57

Summary: Belarusian district executive committee member and businessman who had been hospitalized in critical condition for nearly a week from multiple blast injuries suffered in the April 11 Minsk Metro bombing that killed at least 12 people at the scene and also seriously wounded more than 150 others after a bomb exploded on a crowded platform at the main Oktyabrskaya subway station while commuters were coming off trains during the evening rush hour when the explosion occurred, in which the terrorist attack led to the country's largest loss of life in post-Soviet history since 53 people were crushed to death at Nemiga in 1999, but the motives for the crime remained unclear after Belarusian authorities has detained five suspects in its investigation and formally arrested two men who are suspected to be the perpetrators and an accomplice.

Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a metro bomb blast

Born: April 9, 1954

Died: April 15, 2011

Minsk, Belarus