Vernon Hunter




Age: 68


Summary: Vietnam War veteran and revenue officer group manager for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who was the only known fatality reportedly killed in a February 18 suicide attack that occurred on the IRS headquarters in the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas when a disgruntled pilot identified as 53-year-old software engineer Andrew Joseph Stack III had deliberately crashed his single-engine Piper Dakota light aircraft into the four-story office building complex that housed an IRS field office as well as other state and federal government agencies, killing himself and injured at least 13 others during the impact resulting in a large fireball and explosion, in which investigators said the plane crash suspect had posted a suicide note referring to "greed", "insanity", and the IRS to his business website fueled by anti-government hatred prior to the attack and was also suspected of having set fire that morning to his two-story North Austin house, which was mostly destroyed.



Cause of Death: Killed in a suicide attack


Born: July 22, 1941


Died: February 18, 2010


Location: Austin, Texas