Saleban Olad Roble



Age: 46


Summary: Somali politician and sports minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia who was critically wounded in a suicide bombing at the Hotel Shamo in Mogadishu, Somalia on December 3, 2009 in which the bombing killed 22 people, including three other government ministers (Minister of Health Qamar Aden Ali, Minister of Education Ahmed Abdulahi Waayeel and Minister of Higher Education Ibrahim Hassan Addow were killed in the blast) and also wounded over 40 others at a medical graduation ceremony for Benadir University students, making it the deadliest attack in Somalia since the Beledweyne bombing when an al Shabaab suicide bomber killed the security minister and at least 30 other people at a hotel in June 2009.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in the suicide bomb blast


Born: 1963


Died: February 13, 2010


Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia