Jerry Kane




Age: 45


Summary: anti-government extremist and suspected cop killer who had allegedly shot and killed two West Memphis, Arkansas police officers Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans and critically wounded two others during a traffic stop at checkpoint along an eastbound U.S. Interstate 40 highway off-ramp, then fled at the scene of the initial shootings, in which criminal court records revealed that Kane had five run-ins with authorities in Clark County, Ohio since 1992 with offenses ranging from expired tags to felonious assaults, including a recent arrest after serving three days in jail near Carrizozo, New Mexico on charges for driving without a license and concealing his identity.


Cause of Death: Shot to death during a police shootout that also killed his 16-year-old son Joseph


Born: December 4, 1964


Died: May 20, 2010


Location: West Memphis, Arkansas