Elena Dvizova



Age: 51


Summary: Russian entrepreneur and business administrator who was hospitalized in critical condition at an intensive care unit for over a month from severe injuries sustained during the Nevsky Express bombing that occurred on November 27, 2009 when a bomb exploded under a high speed train travelling between the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg causing derailment near the town of Bologoye in the Tver Oblast region on the Moscow-Saint Petersburg Railway killing 27 people at the scene and injured more than 90 others at the time of the crash, in which three suspects were arrested in connection with the explosion after initial reports blamed an electrical fault for the derailment during the investigation, but the Russian government confirmed that the accident was caused by an act of terrorism, making it the country's deadliest terrorist attack outside the North Caucasus region since the 2004 Russian aircraft bombings.



Cause of Death: Thromboembolism due to injuries sustained in a train bombing attack


Born: March 11, 1958


Died: January 15, 2010


Location: Moscow, Russia