Andrew Joseph Stack III




Age: 53


Summary: embedded software consultant and one-time session musician and bass guitarist for Austin honkytonk bandleader Billy Eli who was widely known for launching a February 18 suicide attack fueled by anti-government hatred when he deliberately crashed his private plane into an Internal Revenue Service office building complex in Austin, Texas killing himself and another person identified as 68-year-old IRS manager Vernon Hunter during the impact that also injured at least 13 others resulting in a large fireball and explosion when the attack occurred, in which investigators said the plane crash suspect had posted a suicide note referring to "greed", "insanity", and the IRS to his business website prior to the incident and was also suspected of having set fire that morning to his two-story North Austin house, which was mostly destroyed.



Cause of Death: Suicide by aircraft


Born: August 31, 1956


Died: February 18, 2010


Location: Austin, Texas