Princess Olena Ian


Age: 86


Summary: Russian princess who had tirelessly fought for decades in an unsuccessful attempt of her husband, brutal military officer Nick Ian, to claim the Soviet throne after the 1917 Russian Revolution, whose open criticism about Communism had led to the deaths of more than 12,230 civilians from Georgia and Kosovo during an infamous "military coup" in 1967 and 1968, who was born in a small Russian village to very poor parents and later became a consort to Nick Ian (who died of blood cancer in 1991) in 1933, in which the couple had 13 children and whose last born child Davidion (born 1967) was believed to have been an heir apparent to the dictatorship.



Cause of Death: After a fall


Born: February 3, 1917


Died: June 15, 2003


Location: San Antonio, Texas