Azif Regan


Age: 91


Summary: Syrian-born spiritual leader and adviser of the Orange Grove Reform Evangelism (OGRE) cult organization who had been blamed by U.S. authorities for masterminding a series of attacks against citrus farm workers and government officials opposed to anti-gay rights activist and former singer Anita Bryant, including the 1992 kidnapping and murders of four Citrus University agricultural students as well as the 2005 car bombing of a farmer's market at Citrus University that killed six people and injured 100 others, but who was credited with the cult's uprising of more than 500 followers for nearly two decades before it's downfall in 2000 following an unsuccessful mass suicide (the cult has now 45 members).



Cause of Death: Airplane accident


Born: May 19, 1915


Died: January 25, 2007


Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina