My Glossary



This page shows a list of terms or lexicographic-related terms that have been created by me or already is in use but had no entry records. In this list, the terms highlighted in RED are my own terms that I've created. The ones highlighted in BLUE are terms that has already been made but never had any definition results thru any official English dictionaries (i.e. Merriam-Webster, Oxford English Dictionary, etc.). You can find most of my terms on under the username starlightgirl2001. Enjoy!


NOTE: All of these terms are copyrighted by me, so if ya'll have any ideas of counterfeiting them only out of malice and whatnot, I will hunt you down and make sure you pay the price (I mean it, no joke!). These terms are for MY future publication! If I manage to get a publicist in the meantime, I'll take all this settlement to Supreme Court. Once again, this is no joke at all!



My Terms


100% girl

biological boy

biological girl

bumblebee butt

Charlie boy

cookie boy

Donny Darko death

F.O.R.D. model

girl penis

Jeffrey Dahmer mentality

junk material

kitty house

Martin Scorsese red

Mary Jo girl

Mary Jane girl

Montoursville children

sun person

transsexual privilege

dolphin blue

G.A.P. model

polyp chest

catfish ugly

sun nigger

curry nigger

Romanian breakfast

Garcia family

cement cookie

color comment



Other Terms


9/11 baby

alpine blue

Arab countries

ball culture

Cabbage Patch doll

carnal relations

charter airplane

college dictionary

crayon box

death-row inmate

dollhouse furniture

donut shop

estuarine crocodile

execution date

Greek olive

Guilford Four/Maguire Seven case

Harry Potter glasses

Hebrew language

Holocaust museum

imperial family

macabre game

magic moon machine

massage table

murder victim

paper game

Popsicle stick

profile picture

radical red

rust red

seating chart

Semitic race

teacup ride

timetable chart

tub deaths

turtle green

U.N. shuttle

valentine cake

valentine party



That's all for now! More coming up soon. :-)