Montoursville children


Entry: Term that refers to a group of 16 local high school students from the Pennsylvanian town of Montoursville who were killed along with their five chaperones and 200 other passengers/crew members aboard on TWA Flight 800 when the ill-fated airliner mysteriously exploded in mid-air off the coast of Long Island, New York in the summer of 1996 while the class were embarking on a field trip to Paris, France as part of their high school's French club. The 16 students were identified as Jessica Aikey, Daniel Baszczewski, Michelle Bohlin, Jordan Bower, Monica Cox, Claire Gallagher, Julia Grimm, Rance Hettler, Amanda Karschner, Jodi Loudenslager, Cheryl Nibert, Kimberly Rogers, Larissa Uzupis, Jacqueline Watson, Monica Weaver, and Wendy Wolfson.