Markham Duff-Smith



Age: 46


Summary: Texas convicted murderer who was sentenced to die for his role in arranging the murder-for-hire scheme of his adoptive mother Gertrude Duff-Smith Zabolio at her home in Houston's exclusive Rover Oaks neighborhood in 1975 after hiring convicted hitman Allen Janecka (still on death row) to kill his wealthy mother and three other relatives (sister Diana Wansrath, her husband John and their 14-month-old son Kevin)  in order to squandered his $90,000 inheritance, but who was never tried in the multiple murders and had denied any role in the crime until confessing at the last moment.



Cause of Death: Executed by lethal injection


Born: January 14, 1947


Died: June 29, 1993


Location: Huntsville, Texas