Judy Penzer



Age: 49


Summary: city artist and muralist who was known for her murals, which adorned not only Downtown skyscrapers but also houses and apartments in many city neighborhoods, as well as some in Brooklyn, the Bronx and other places across the country, who first worked in Pittsburgh in 1992 when she designed the famous sports mural on the side of the building at 500 Wood St., Downtown, which shows the faces of the city's top athletes, including baseball great Roberto Clemente and hockey star Mario Lemieux, who was no stranger to controversy when her 1994 plan to make an interactive "maze" through Downtown streets generated vigorous debate (the maze was never built), but her murals, such as the "Real People" collage on the facade of the Gimbels building, were popular.



Cause of Death: Killed in TWA Flight 800 airplane accident


Born: September 25, 1947


Died: July 17, 1996


Location: East Moriches, New York