James E. Goins



Age: 26


Summary: U.S. infantryman who had been hospitalized in critical condition at an intensive care unit for more than two months from multiple severe injuries and extensive burns suffered over 25 percent of his body he received in the April 5 West Berlin discotheque nightclub bombing incident that killed at least two persons including fellow U.S. sergeant Kenneth T. Ford and a Turkish woman and also seriously injured nearly 230 others (mostly American servicemen) when a bomb placed under a table near the disk jockey's booth exploded inside the popular La Belle entertainment venue that was commonly frequented by U.S. soldiers, in which the U.S. government blamed Libya for the terrorist attack and subsequently ordered the retaliatory bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi 10 days later..



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a terrorist bombing blast


Born: May 12, 1960


Died: June 7, 1986


Location: Berlin, Germany