Hyacinth Thrash



Age: 93


Summary: only known survivor of the November 18, 1978 mass suicide and massacre of 913 Peoples Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana when the charismatic, civil rights-crusading evangelist and religious cult leader Rev. Jim Jones persuaded most of his followers to kill themselves by drinking cyanide-laced punch while many others were shot to death or forcibly poisoned on the night of the carnage as she refused to go with her sister Zipporah "Zip" Edwards (who died in the Jonestown tragedy) and three other older women when summoned to the pavilion at the group's cult compound, but who later became the subject of a book and documentary film about the murder-suicide ritual after she miraculously survived by hiding under a bed and was the only one alive on the grounds when rescuers arrived while other members escaped by running into the jungle during the events.



Cause of Death: Natural causes


Born: 1902


Died: November 21, 1995


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana