About the Founder

Hello there! Want to know more about the founder of this site? Well there isn't much to say about me, but I can give you a little details. The names Mia Failey. I am an aspiring artist/illustrator and freelance writer in her 30s who had lived most of her live in Southern California but had recently relocated to Michigan to settle into a private life there. Once I get my GED, I have plans to attend college to study Business Administration to become a self-employed entrepreneur for several private companies and outreach centers. That's one of my main goals in the future aside wanting to be a History & Geography teacher originally. My initial dream was to have my very own studio/office and also display most of my masterpieces at several regional (or international) art shows but...if those doesn't work out, I guess I can be stuck as a free-lancer (Oh well!). As you may noticed from my website, I've been trying to publish a dictionary/encyclopedia ever since I started compiling since I was 9 years old. Due to ongoing personal problems, I've decided retired from Obit side project in the near future to go back completing some other portfolios (mostly from the Dictionaries) that are still in the works, but I will still manage to maintain the "My Obit's" compilation in a short period of time.

This site was originally established in 2005 under a different domain, but it got removed at least twice the following years after the domain expired. After a 2-year hiatus due to personal setbacks, this site later re-established in 2010 under a new domain and has been fully maintained on a daily basis ever since.

As you can tell from this site, most of my works published here are under my very own pen name Kacie Kindersley.


And on that note, I am NOT "obsessed" with death, mind you. The reason why I choose Obituaries as the subject for my encyclopedia because I wanted to make an archive (or personal library) and I really like to spend time writing (as a hobby) some interesting life stories and facts about their own history that some of ya'll might not know. Once again, I am not doing it because of their deaths, it's only about the archives and facts/achievements in their lives just like ya'll read in your little history textbook in schools. In "plain English", I meant to say this: Ignore the death part, enjoy reading the facts/history/biography! That's my motto.


As for the Dictionary part, I thought it be more of a "Dictionary for Dummies" (no offense) type of thing, as a starter for learning before going on to the Obits. For more info, read the main article on the "Milton-Kindersley Advanced Dictionary" page.


Well that sums everything up about me. I would like to make a Likes/Dislikes list here on this page, but it turns out that I am way too lazy to write so many stuff about my interests (hence, I am already pre-occupied with publishing/compiling my works). So I'll keep more info about me a mystery. If that creeps you out, then why are you viewing my website anyways? (You got jinxed lol).


NOTE: I try not to disclose most of my personal info online as possible due to my safety on the net, so please try not to take it as an offense. If you wanna contact me about this site, that's fine, but I don't accept any harsh "criticism" (like "Oh, this site sucks blah blah blah yackity yack yack!"), so that's why I don't bother to put any contact info here.


Yours Truly,

~Miss Kacie Kindersley

Webmaster and writer.